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‘You And I Are Dust, Miriam’: Sorrow Turns To Poetry Following Yesterday’s Fatal Building Collapse In Ħamrun

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Miriam Pace’s tragic death yesterday has left the Maltese population in a state of sorrow, confusion and rage… and tributes have started pouring in from far beyond her family.

A number of poems remembering the 54-year-old mother of two have already appeared on Facebook, offering everything from tributes to Miriam to lamenting the fact that “we are dust”.

Maltese poet and author Immanuel Mifsud took to Facebook this morning to share an amended version of his work Fis-Sena 2020. “I had to update it a couple of days after uploading it,” Mifsud said, with the poem taking a more poignant turn.

“I also saw houses turn become tombs,” the poem sorrowfully ends.

Meanwhile, Maltese musician and Ċikku l-Poplu songwriter Alex Vella Gregory took to Facebook to write his own elegy to the Maltese woman, saying that while did not know Miriam himself, neither did the “people who buried you”.

“You and I are dust, Miriam,” Vella Gregory lamented. “And for these people, dust is nothing but money”.

One of Malta’s most prolific authors Trevor Zahra joined the debate with not only heartache, but also “great rage”.

“How many more tragedies must happen until you realise that WE NEED TO STOP WITH THIS RELENTLESS BUILDING?” Zahra said on Facebook earlier this morning.

“Does anyone have hope that something will change? NOTHING,” Zahra finished. “Everything will stay the same because the web has grown and spread… and as soon as they burst the shell of this golden egg, they’ll only find blood.”

“Thrust your finger into the wound, look for the coin, gold, frankincense and a lot of myrrh,” another poem posited.

“Tears and blood, anger and sorrow,” it continued. “Forget the sweat, tears and salt, that someone else wiped off their eyebrows.”

While more tributes and poems continue to be posted in honour of Miriam Pace, others seem to believe way more should be done.

“Silent protests and Facebook poems?” one user angrily commented. “More needs to be done, and it’s useless to be passive or artistic at a time like this. Otherwise, we’re no better than those just waiting for the next tragedy to happen.”

RIP Miriam Pace

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