6 Reasons Every Teacher Needs Summer Holidays

Yes, that long break is totally warranted!


You know how it goes; you get s weekend off work, or it's your Santa Marija break, and you're finally chilling on the beach, sipping a mojito and soaking up the sun. Your mind drifts off as you think about how easy it would be to get used to this lifestyle. And then it hits you - there's an entire group of adults who get to enjoy the pleasures of summer every year, and they get paid for it.

But a teacher's holidays are more than just a fun romp in the sand, they're also a necessity - and here's why.

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1. They teach a bunch of children who don't want to learn - and that's exhausting

Having a long break away from a group of screaming brats who refuse to let you do your job of helping them turn out decently is important. Without this break from the chaos, there is no way teachers would have the strength to fake-smile through the formation of the next batch of uncooperative kids.

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2. They form young minds - and that's a huge responsibility

The way teachers react to every single situation will remain ingrained in the children's memories. An exhausted teacher is one who won't gasp in shock at the (not really) horrific story being told by a 4-year-old; or one who won't intervene in a seemingly insignificant argument. These may seem like minor things to overlook, but to the kids in question, they probably mean a whole lot more than they're letting on.


3. They don't really do nothing in summer

Sure, they do get a nice, long break - but they also plan and craft the shit out of the year ahead. Do you know anyone who's studied to be a teacher? If you do, then you're also aware of the dreaded phrase: "can you help me with my resources?". Say goodbye to any plans you had for Saturday night, and enjoy the company of the scissors/glue/glitter/laminating machine.

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4. Summer is too hot (shocker)

This sounds like an obvious statement, and yes - everyone feels hot. But no group of humans react as badly to any change in climate as kids do. There is literally no point in dragging teachers to school to attempt to educate what is essentially a classroom filled with human-popcorn, bouncing off the walls and screaming about the heat.

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5. They build strong relationships with their kids

Believe it or not, teachers have feelings too. After a year of seeing the children you've mentored learn to read, write, multiply, divide, draw, hoola-hoop or even just make new friends, the sense of pride a teacher has (not in themselves but in the kids) is overwhelming. Without a bit of space to adjust from one group to the next it'll be hard to fully invest yourself in a new set of 20-something relationships.

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6. Their lessons will stay with the kids for life

I can name eight teachers offhand who have said one small thing that has totally changed my perspective on certain issues. Being a teacher is a vocation, one that the good ones plunge into with all their being. The time to breathe, regroup, and explore the world around them without a group of children constantly nagging at their side, is what will allow them to learn a lesson worth passing on to their children.


Honestly, if you really don't think teachers deserve a break for the summer, I dare you to try working with kids. You'll love every second, but you'll also be begging for a break in no time, I know I did!

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