7 More Maltese Developments The Planning Authority Might As Well Approve

While we're at it, why not?

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In between dozens of questionable developments around Malta which have suddenly being given the green light (from high rises which overshadow entire towns to petrol stations in the middle of ODZ areas), many Maltese people have just about had it with the Planning Authority.

But why not make the best of a bad situation? Here are seven other developments the Planning Authority might as well approve, while we're at it.

1. A boutique hotel inside Mdina's Cathedral

How do you manage to keep up with all the expensive and beautiful boutique hotels cropping up all over the island? Easy; go for the location to beat them all.  After all, who wouldn't want to wake up in a jacuzzi in the clocktower of a cathedral? 


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Original photo by twoyeartrip.com

2. A multi-cuisine restaurant at Mnajdra

Think about it. Malta's temples don't just mark the earliest days of human activity on the island, but also the very beginning of a long list of different rulers from all over Europe and beyond. Why not celebrate that with a restaurant serves up anything from Mediterranean to Arabic dishes, all under the stars? 

We've also got the perfect name for it; say hello to MegalEATic. 


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3. A petrol station at Buskett Gardens

That's a pretty view you've got there, Malta. You know what it's missing though? A good old petrol station. How else would you be able to drive the next three and a half minutes? Fuel up bro. Here's a quick render for you. You're welcome. 


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Original photo by Frank Vincentz

4. A waterpark on Comino

You know what's cool? Comino. You know what's cooler? A waterpark. Get ready for the Blue Lagoon to get way bluer. 


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Original photo by Danita Delimont

5. A shooting range on Filfla

Filfla is just too quiet, man. It could really do with a shooting range. And hey, three different species of seabirds breed on the islet, along with an endemic species of lizard surrounded by urban legends. So plenty of targets to shoot at! 


Screen Shot 2017 07 21 At 15 14 05

Original photo featured on viewmalta.com

6. A lido with an infinity pool in the middle of the sea

Sure, the Mediterranean Sea is pretty big, but is it infinite? We didn't think so. That's where BAĦAR comes in. The best thing about this would be swimming out to the floating lido, to really get that authentic open water experience. And then, boom; instant infinity pool awesomeness. No limits. #LidoGoals. 


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7. A high rise at the Upper Barrakka Gardens

Why should the Marsamxett area get all the high rise fun? Valletta should really get its own skyscraper, and the beautiful Upper Barrakka Gardens is the perfect place to build one. They've commanded some of the best views on the island since 1661, so it's about time for a bit of a revamp. And with that modern lift on the side, it will effortlessly blend in with its surroundings. Start saving up, prices are expected to be around €2 million per square metre. 


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We can't wait for all these developments to see the light of day!

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