9 Other Celine Dion Songs To Dedicate To Maltese Politicians

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Following Edward Zammit Lewis' emotional tribute to Joseph Muscat, we thought we'd take up his example and dedicate a series of Celine's greatest hits to other Maltese politicians who need the boost.

1. 'It's all coming back to me'

Simon Busuttil 

As he sits in the back benches watching Adrian Delia talk, you know he's humming this under his breath.

2. 'All by myself'

Armold Cassola 

A third party makes it into parliament as the Greens are still left out in the cold. He's belting this one out from behind the glass walls.

3. 'I'm alive'

Tony Zarb

For years he's stayed dormant, until yesterday he resurfaced for enough time to imply female protesters are... busy... at night.

4. 'Think Twice'

Therese Comodini Cachia

MEP...? MP...? MEP...? MP...?

A decision that would keep many up at night, and Comodini Cachia is no exception. 

5. 'Tell him'

Marlene and Godfrey Farrugia

The secret conversations the couple must have had for a very long time as they planned how to let Joseph Muscat know they were out. 

6. 'I'm your angel'

Marie Lousie Coleiro Preca

She basically typed out the lyrics in her Facebook post last Saturday.

7. 'My heart will go on'

Duet between Konrad and Sai Mizzi

Long distances can be tough, but there's not much couple's karaoke can't fix.

8. 'I drove all night'

Chris Cardona

We'll let Celine do the talking.

BONUS: 'Immortality'

Joseph Muscat

He's already had his dedication, he is the inspiration behind all this after all. But we felt this one was extremely appropriate too.

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