A Ridiculous Story Went Viral In Malta And Pretty Much No One Noticed It Was Fake News

So, about those altar boys lighting up some weed in a Spanish Church...

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A satirical story about two Spanish altar boys who had replaced incense with some weed in a church has gone viral in Catholic Malta - even though it's 100% fake.

You've probably already seen the article - either the original English version or an adapted Malted version - and you might have even laughed at the obvious satire.

However, the fake story - which featured dead giveaways such as a quote from the altar boys saying they had only bought "half a kilo of Mary Jane" after getting the idea during a Christmas Eve mass, alongside a multitude of grammatical errors - was widely shared on Maltese social media, with one Maltese news portal re-reporting it in Maltese and quickly going viral.

One Maltese website garnered over 230 shares in just a few hours

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Pictured: Maltese people an hour after they've shared the article

To be fair, the world has become so absurd anything is pretty much believable nowadays

And let's face it; we've all heard of a crazy abbatini story or two before. Although to be fair, it could also be a matter of so many people just wanting this to be real.

That said, a cursory glance at the other related stories would have been more than enough for most to realise it was fake - titles like "Pope Francis cancels The Bible and proposes to create a new book" might have given most a bit of a hint.

And, if anyone should be doing a bit of fact checking, you'd think it'd be news portals, right?

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