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Every Single Thought You’ve Had At Lidl Malta

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Maltese people love discounts, and as one of the first major chain discount stores in Malta, LIDL had a lot to live up to. 

But Maltese people have been kind to the chain, and LIDL stores all over the country enjoy the custom of far too many of us. Since we’re there so often, here’s every thought we have in store.

1. “Do I need a vacuum cleaner?”

I think I have one, and it works well. 

But do I need another? 

2. “I’ma buy this pack of unknown items just because the branding looks cool”

Probably doesn’t cost that much either, and I can just find out if it is edible at home.

3. “Check out them sausages”

They look fine af, and the price is right. But do I really want to be buying low-cost sausages? Yes.

4. “Look at all the vegan foods I’ll never eat”

You buy it to be good, but you know you’ll just be adding ham and cheese to it anyway.

My Best Veggie Vegetarische Schnitzel Nuggets Zoom

No animals were harmed in the making of these nuggets

5. “To wine or not to wine?”

Look at all this wine, all under ten euros. Just look at it all. South Africa, Chile, Australia: it’s really like being on Pinterest.

6. “Are fake M&M’s better then real M&M’s?”

A question for the ages, that’s probably best answered by trial and error.

7. “Do I need socks?”

There’s a reason they are Dumbledore’s favourite gift. 

8. “To dessert or not to dessert?”

Everyone in Lidl is split firmly into two camps: those that want their desserts filled with chocolate, and those that want their desserts filled with apple.

9. “I hope I have less than 15 items”

Does it count if I’m over 15 items but all the items are super small?

10. “Why are the carts so big?”

Maybe it’s so I can fit the vacuum cleaner into the cart. 

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