Brutally Hilarious #DaphneLeaks Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Last Night

D-Day came and it didn't disappoint

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Last night was a dark night for Maltese politics... but a great one for memes. As more live updates come in, here are nine brutal (but pretty hilarious) memes that quickly made the rounds online and ended up summarising the entire night. 

1. First came the revelation

2. Wait, so does that mean...?


GIF by Kelly Dent

3. And it of course all went off on Dom Memetoff

"Roses are red, 

Malta moħxija..."

4. Everyone previously implicated in this whole mess got a meme too


GIF by Kelly Dent

5. It was the time for everyone who still had faith in the Prime Minister to stand up and be counted

Including... the Prime Minister?

6. The Police Commissioner seemed to have other priorities...


7. ... while others couldn't help but point out something slightly suspicious


8. No matter how much you try, though, you can't make some shit up

Screen Shot 2017 04 21 At 11 35 56

9. But in the midst of all this, one person was hell-bent on remaining resilient

The Other - Lauv

Company - Drake, Travis Scott

Is...Not - Porcupine Tree

Mine - Beyonce, Drake

Please Stop Your Lying - Errol Dunkley

BONUS: The truth is out there

Screen Shot 2017 04 21 At 12 08 37

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