Here's Why History's Highest-Grossing Horror Film Would Never Work In Malta

As explained by one very simple photo

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The 2017 adaptation of Stephen King's popular IT has been smashing records left right and centre. This week, it became the highest-grossing horror movie in history, breaking a box office record which had stood for 44 years ever since The Exorcist was released. With millions of fans worldwide, however, some of the key plot points of IT would just not work back in Malta. 

To hilariously (but accurately) prove this, one Maltese person took to Facebook to post a two-panel comic simply entitled 'It' in Malta. 

While the first panel shows the notorious title character Pennywise peeking out of the sewer drain, the second is where things get interesting. 

No doubt a not-so-subtle reference at all the rubbish floating around the islands, especially after storms like last week's, the comic is as funny as it is actually a commentary of the current state of things in Malta.

Tag a horror fan... and someone who's afraid of clowns!

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