Here's Why Malta Is Basically Straight Out Of Netflix's 'Narcos'

Medellín or Mellieħa?

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Anyone watching the hit Netflix series Narcos, which revolves around the lives of a host of big-time cocaine traffickers, including Pablo Escobar, will only get a few episodes in before they think to themselves: 'Wait, shouldn't this have been set in Malta?!"

It isn't, but with the amount of similarities between the Republic of Malta and Narcos the series, it might as well be. 

1. Family feuds 

Family fights break out on the regular in Malta, and familial blood ties run the Narcos empires. But maybe this is just a coincidence...

2. Anything to silence critics

Blogging, blackmail, car bombs...

Malta's approach to taking care of one's critics is eerily similar to the desperate acts of the Narcos crowd.

3. Police officers on cocaine

While some police officers in the Narcos world were always dedicated to staying legit, many weren't. The same goes for some Maltese police officers.

4. Prison officers on cocaine

Everybody's on cocaine... or so it seems.

5. Corrupt politicians

Lots of dirty money going places in Latin America? We've heard this story before

6. Xeba green fields 

Rural countries gonna rural. (Ok, maybe Malta in the past...)

7. Officials with links to prostitution 

Just like in Narcos, some of Malta's leading politicians allegedly have unsavoury ties to the oldest job in the world.

8. Folksy guitar music

They have the recognisable Narcos intro song, and we have Għana. Both are meant to lull you into a romantic yet false sense of security.

9. Politicians literally using Narcos when talking about us 

Far-right Austria MEP George Mayer had compared Malta to Narcos, saying Malta “looks more like something from Netflix’s Narcos, what with drug trafficking and a journalist murdered."

Sure, the guy might've been called a Nazi-loving psycho before, but you've got to call a spade a spade. 

How accurate is this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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