I Ran Maltese Politicians Through Snapchat's New Gender-Changing Filter And Now I Really Wish I Hadn't

Are you more of a Josephine Muscat, or an Adriana Delia?

Lovin Malta Snapchat Filter Gender Politicians

If you've been anywhere near social media at all these past couple of days, you'd have seen Snapchat back in the news. The original filter-happy app that indirectly and nearly single-handedly led to millions of dog-ear selfies and nightmarish face swaps, Snapchat recently rolled out another filter that has led to memes, viral videos... and a whole new breed of nightmarish creations.

The app's "gender-changing" filter promises just that; adding masculine or feminine features to your selfie, so much so that you can actually take a glitchy, awkward glimpse into what your alternate-gender self would look like.

It's obviously led to some hilarious results, from one man getting more than 1,600 matches on Tinder as his female counterpart to one result that bears an uncanny resemblance to a character from a hit TV series.

So of course, we had to take the new filter out for a spin with some more recognisable faces... and what more recognisable Maltese faces are there than politicians? Hold on to your seats; shit's about to get really messed up real soon.

1. Josephine Muscat

Let's start from the Numero Uno himself (herself). I'm already regretting all my life choices.

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 14 25

2. Adriana Delia

It appears like Delia's unimpressed smile traverses genders after all.

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 14 20

3. Alfie Sant

A former Prime Minister... and beauty pageant winner?

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 14 31

4. Davinia Casa

That is one. cheeky. smile. #WorkItGurl

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 13 52

5. Cyrusia Engerer

Speaking of smiles, check out that fabulous innocence on Engerer's face! #ForeverYoung

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 14 07

6. Petra Agius

We're six creations in and all of these are starting to look like that one aunt everyone has. You know the one.

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 21 32

7. Godfreda Farrugia

I could be too far into this wormhole to properly keep stock of my real emotions, but I think this one actually looks very pretty. No regrets. Or OK, maybe some regrets.

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 30 18

8. Norwoman Lowell?


Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 13 13 45

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