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If Malta Is To Become The Blockchain Island, It’s Only A Matter Of Time Until This Happens

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As more and more tech and blockchain companies make Malta their home and grab beers with government ministers over the weekends, it won’t be long before Malta becomes inundated with blockchain-related novelties. Like alien visitations to the town of Roswell, New Mexico – except actually real – blockchain could become a central selling point to anything that is Maltese.

We can just imagine it now – no more loose cash in our pockets, no need to deal with any of the big banks, and, of course, lots of tasty food named after things related to distributed ledger databases.

With special thanks to Ledger Projects

Eatereum is set to be the restaurant of the future

Anyone with virtual currency is welcome at Eatereum, Malta’s first crypto bistro. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with the company’s slogan in bright orange and black: “Come in and have a whale of a time”.

The kitchen is run by a legendary chef

Iron Chef Satoshi is a masterchef renowned for being both mysterious and bullish. Not much is known about him save that he is from Japan.

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Pictured: Iron Chef Satoshi at work

And his menu will make you seriously hodl your horses

The chef is well known for using Japanese ingredients and techniques. You definitely need to try to Proof of Steak, which is grade 5 Japanese wagyu. If you just want a light sandwich, go for the DLT, it’s quite a good token for what the restaurant is all about.

If you want something a bit sweeter, grab a crypto coffee and a slice of the Binoffee pie – it’s virtually the best thing you’ve ever eaten.

They’ve even got different sets of cutlery depending on a person’s preferences. You can select between a hard fork or a soft fork when you order.

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The drinks section is just as delicious

Definitely order a Slippery Ripple – Eatereum’s signature shot – and tell the bartender whether you want to go long or go short with it. Or, if you are feeling really adventurous, go for the Pump & Dump – it’s a mysterious mix of alcohols that will make you feel on top of the world for a short amount of time, before you come crashing down.

They’ve got their own coin which is soon launching in an ICO (Initial Culinary Offering)

Eater could become the global standard in food alt-coins. Of course, it will need to beat out WhopperCoin to be crowned top coin in the culinary world.

There’s ample parking

They’ve even got a special section for anyone driving a FIAT.

As well as a dedicated delivery service

All deliveries are handled by the scooter company nakaMOTO.

And payments are a secure breeze

Super secure and straightforward, payments for table four, for example, would be distributed via table two, three, six and seven.

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