Kim Jong Joseph: Prime Minister Mocked Mercilessly For ‘North Korea Style’ Sticker Album

Do you have a 'Gentle Joseph Petting Ħabiba'?


Joseph Muscat will become the first Maltese Prime Minister to be honoured with his own sticker album, but several people aren’t impressed and are mocking him as Malta’s very own Kim Jong-Un.

Satirical website Bis-Serjeta led the charge with an ‘interview’ with North Korea’s leader.

“I mean don’t get me wrong. Having a cult of personality is great. I loved Joseph’s orchestra concert and the documentary. I’ve got them both on Blu-ray. But a sticker album, really? It’s a bit much for someone who isn’t even descended from a god, like I am.”

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Blogger-activist Manuel Delia provided his very own cover for the upcoming sticker album, a mock-up of Muscat in Mussolini’s clothes, while the Nationalist Party’s youth wing weighed in with a couple of indicative emojis.

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Picture: Manuel Delia

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As several people joined in to lampoon the Prime Minister, here are some of the best ones.

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The sticker album is being produced by Album & Co and will be published on 31st March to coincide with Freedom Day. It will include over 300 large stickers of the Prime Minister throughout his political career, including of him addressing mass meetings, campaigning and meeting people.

What do you make of this unusual sticker album?

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