Maltese Politics Gets Way Funnier With Snapchat

The best one minute you'll ever watch

Snapchat has cemented itself as the go-to app for bored youths everywhere. The social media platform is also synonymous with filters feeding off face-recognition technology. From flattering faces to no noses, this app has you covered.

But what would happen if some of our more serious public officials and politicians tried to reach a younger audience?

In order of appearance here are the politicians, and their original video:

1. Simon Busuttil at a recent anti-corruption rally

2. Alfred Sant at a mass meeting (there's no voice filter on this one)

3. Stefan Buontempo asked about his position on spring hunting

4. Joseph Muscat at the European Parliament

5. Austin Gatt explaining what they did that day in parliament

6. Norman Lowell on a TV talk show

7. Franco Debono denying he was using his phone on Bondi+

8. Tony Abela and his banana comparison

9. Mary Anne Lauri sassily adressing a PN rally

10. Ann Fenech and the varying levels of sin

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Chucky Bartolo

If there's no Mariah Carey GIF or reference to Eurovision in this article, just assume they've been edited out against my will.