Netflix Announces New Malta-Based Series: The Egrant Election

It didn't, we're joking.


Following the tremendous success of House of Cards and other political dramas, Netflix has decided to launch a brand new series based on the most politically intriguing country in the world: Malta. 

The Egrant Election - as the series has been named - will feature a host of A-list Hollywood stars, and we've got the exclusive on who is playing who. Not in this poker-esque election. But in the actual TV series. 

Anjelica Huston as Daphne Caruana Galizia


Anjelica Huston will play the journalist and blogger who triggered the whole thing. Many people will remember her in her role as Morticia Addams, a spooky act which will have prepared her for her latest portrayal of the lady many call "is-Saħħara tal-Bidnija".

Peter MacNicol as Joseph Muscat


This actor, who you'll probably remember from Ally McBeal, is known for his amiable face, which, however, can hide sinister intentions. He is also known for keeping a straight face while making eyebrow-raising statements.

Lars Mikkelsen as Vladimir Putin


The Danish actor reprises the role of the Russian president which he plays on House of Cards, only this time he doesn't hide behind a pseudonym and proudly proclaims himself to be Vladimir Putin, true ruler of Russia and meddler in Maltese elections.

Christopher Walken as Konrad Mizzi


This actor's intense glare, jerky mannerisms and strange lilting speech make him a natural for the role of Minister WAPWTOOTPM (Without a Portfolio, Within the Office of the Prime Minister, pronounced en-nur-gee).

Boris McGiver as Brian Tonna


This actor wanted to step out on a limb and play a part diametrically opposite to the one he portrays on House of Cards: an investigative journalist whose subjects are very economical with the truth.

Kristin Davis as Michelle Muscat


The actress playing the SOTPM (Spouse of the Prime Minister) is mostly known for her role on Sex and the City, where her character seemed cute and innocent, but sometimes got caught in sordid awkward situations.

Michael Kelly as Keith Schembri


Mr Kelly basically reprised his role on House of Cards for this new production: a chief of staff who will allow nothing to stop him in his pursuits...whatever they may be.

George Clooney as Simon Busuttil


Mr Clooney's silver hair secured him the role of Leader of the Opposition, even though the casting was controversial, with fans claiming that he was too handsome for the role and sounded too convincing when he spoke.

Ronald Lacey as Lawrence Calleja


Mr Lacey played the part of Arnold Ernst Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark: an authoritative and ruthless figure who got the job done at all costs. The actor wanted to diversify his portfolio by playing a very different character in The Egrant Election. Regretfully, his lines were cut savagely and he had very few comments to give onscreen.

Joe Pesci as Kurt Farrugia


This actor's role had to be truncated due to his busy schedule. A few scenes were filmed of him standing behind doors in Baku.

Jonah Hill as Glenn Bedingfield


This actor seemed to receive preferential treatment during the production, as he was allowed to act out all his scenes whilst working in the Office of the Director.

John Goodman as Beppe Fenech Adami


The outwardly cuddly looks of this actor betray a brawler's interior.

Eric Stonestreet as Chris Cardona


Eric is known for playing a flamboyantly gay family man on Modern Family. He took this assignment to show his versatility as an actor. Most of his scenes were filmed just outside Dusseldorf.

Paul Sparks as Jacob Borg


Mr Sparks didn't have to stretch his thespian legs too much for his role in The Egrant Election. Much like in House of Cards, he plays a writer who wants to present his version of the truth. A few action scenes were included which allowed him to show off his sparring skills.

Sean Connery as Louis Grech


Sean Connery was given a prominent place in the titles sequence of the series, but fans were disappointed when they realised that his performance was limited to a quick cameo, following which he was never seen again.

John Oliver as Mario Frendo


The comedian and actor is known for his savage criticism of authority figures. He said, in an interview, that he could play this part in his sleep.

Susan Sarandon as Marlene Farrugia


This actress has been around for ages but always surprises us as she swings from role to role.

Joaquin Phoenix as Michael Briguglio


Known for keeping the crowd enthralled in the Gladiator's arena, Joaquin fights a more verbal, but no less savage battle in The Egrant Election.

Jeff Bridges as Salvu Mallia


Jeff Bridges has relished this opportunity to play a part similar to the one he played in The Big Lebowski: that of a batshit crazy, lovable, bearded dude.

BONUS: Robin Williams as Marie Louise Coleiro Preca


Following his sad demise, old footage of Mr Williams had to be used to reprise his role as a lovable, well-meaning nanny...this time of a whole nation.

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