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As TVM's new show 'Benjamin' is set to air its second episode tonight, our national broadcasters are set to take viewers to the next level of entertainment.

Leaked documents which may or may not be fabricated (they're totally fabricated) have revealed the outlines of new TVM shows in the pipeline. Lovin Malta has the latest.

1. The Fresh Prince Of Tigné

A comedy sitcom about a pepé family just trying to figure things out and live a happy life against the odds: Parking and Noise Pollution.


2. Daphie

A late-night talkshow like Ellen, only without the feelgood factor (but all of the ratings). And the guests don't talk about their life– the host does. Because she's already got the screenshots. 


3. The Offensive Song Contest

Songwriters have to construct the most ill-advised song to be able to win. Ten points if the subject matter completely doesn't concern them. Douze points if it gets reported to the Broadcasting Authority. 


4. Glenjamin

Like Benjamin, but about Glenn. Starting from the moment he leaves the house and can't find his shoes, to 'work', to dinner– where he just won't stop typing away on his phone. 

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5. The Cave

Contestants battle it out in a simulated cave for three days, having to carry out character-building tasks and surviving on only vegan food. Who ever caves first loses. First up Tommy Diacono vs Hugo.

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6. Xbajt

A Friday night discussion show where a panel thrash it out with disgruntled audience members and discuss current affairs. 'Xbajt' will include charity televoting for home viewers on who they thought was the most bis-sens


7. Cowboys and Immigrants

"This town ain't big enough for the both of us..." Malta's very own Western. This one's set to do extremely well considering it's all we ever talk about these days.


What new programs would you like to see on local television stations? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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