People Are Roasting This Awkward Photoshop Fail By Malta's 'Patriots' Facebook Group

Caucasian versus... ?

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Għaqda Patrijotti Maltin now boasts 15,000 members on their Facebook group. While many of those staunchly agree with the group's 'patriotic' mission statement to "fight for Maltese identity by not accepting forced integration with other cultures", others are just in it for the entertainment factor. And anyone looking for a good laugh got it, thanks to a hilarious Photoshop fail.

In an enraged (and misspelt) reaction to "hypocritical liberal media", group admin and 'Patriot's president Alex Pisani shared a stock photo courtesy of the Malta Police Force's CMRU which was used in a story from last week. The photo, which shows a handcuffed pair of hands, was according to Pisani another blatant effort by the media to not report the truth, since the person who was apprehended was actually from Chad. He even dropped the now-notorious "fake news" to support his argument.

To show all of this, Alex shared a second photo, and it's safe to say the whole thing is slightly edited. Badly. Captioned as "Ir-ritratt oriġinali" (the original photo), the handcuffed hands look like they were dipped in red dye.

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It didn't take long for the post to gain traction, and while some agreed with the overall message that Alex was trying to convey, others weren't too impressed.

"Even the stupidest person ever can realise that the second photo is edited," one comment said, with others pointing out what a clear fake the whole thing ended up being.

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Alex Pisani quickly jumped in to explain the whole mixup.

"Yes, I did that, to help you understand the concept of how the media works," he told his friends and followers.

However, while others acknowledged what the page admin was trying to achieve, they also pointed out that the whole thing was quite counter-productive. "It's stupid for an aspiring political party to use a fake photo to get its message across and state that the lower one was the original," the comment read. "So I advise you to delete it before the main media gets hold of this." Well, it turns out it's too late for that now.

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What do you make of this Photoshop edit? Let us know in the comments below!

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