PN Candidate Frank Portelli's Facebook Page Should Be Featured In A Museum

It's legit a work of art

Lovin Cover 22

Yesterday Frank Portelli announced he'd be pulling a trump and riding on the 'patriotism' in the hopes of becoming the next leader of the PN. Today we're proposing that his Facebook page be preserved and exhibited in some form of museum. Here's why.

1. His cover photo is just a zoomed in version of his profile picture



2. He has some very strange 2:00am thoughts

When you're thinking about gay marriage at that time of day, it's time to go to bed

3. Seriously though... strange doesn't quite cut it

Who is Karl? The fiance who ran away after marrying a straight woman?

4. And this one was written at 3:00pm so there's no excuse

Well, maybe it was siesta time?

5. Of course he was the first to comment on his own post seconds later

And it made even less sense.

6. He's officially listed as 'Lives in Panama City, Panama'

"Get it? Cos corruption amirite? Vote for me please."


7. His 'intro' is poetry

"A Pilgrim looking for the Truth". Brings a tear to the eye.

Frank Intro

8. His official website is ''

Literaly URL goals for 13-year-old everyone. Tragic for 70-something year old candidates.

9. Everyone needs a sponsor and he knows just how to plug it

Disclaimer: we're pretty sure this is not an official sponsor.

10. And the conspiracy theories are real

Yup, it's all part of Joseph Muscat's plan. #GingerIlluminati

11. And this post sounds like he's about to drop the hottest power-ballad since 'warrior'


Here's to another dinosaur trying to take things back to the 'good old days'. Next.

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Chucky Bartolo

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