Supermodel Tiffany Pisani Accidentally Creates Best PR Campaign For Labour MP

If people remember your name, then half your work is done

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Britain's Next Top Model winner, and local star DJ Tiffany Pisani interviewed Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this week at a political rally in Mġarr. But while she was there she also accidentally created the perfect marketing strategy for one candidate running in the seventh district.

While introducing the election hopeful Anthony Agius Decelis to the crowd, Tiffany gave a unique twist to a uncommon Maltese surname.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Everyone, meet Tony Agius De La Cheese.

They say any publicity is good publicity, and this adorable blunder by Pisani will certainly help people remember the candidate. Think about it, when you're alone in the voting room are you going to remember the endless flyers and faces you saw, or De La Cheese. That's what we thought.

And just to help his campaign along, we've decided to create some promotional material for him.

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Let's hope that he takes this whole thing into his stride and uses it to his advantage. It's about time our political campaigns got a little bit lighter. Plus, it's not everyday that a supermodel endorses, let alone actually creates, your campaign strategy.


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