12 Times These #StatwiOfInstagram Were Relatable AF

They've mastered the art of the RBF

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Maltese statues, or statwi, come in all shapes and sizes. Be it the vara at the local festa or your town's patron saint sitting comfortably in a niċċa, there's something about them that we seem to resonate deeply with.

Here are 12 statwi that were feeling all the things.

1. When the bus is leaving so you half-heartedly call after it while fake running

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2. When someone hands you a baby

3. When you sit down on the sofa and realise you don’t reach the remote

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4. When you literally just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. When someone tries to tell you that piżelli pastizzi are better than rikotta ones

6. When a banger comes on in Footloose

7. When you’ve been walking for too long so you find the closest wall to rest against

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8. When you meet up with your bestie to spill the tea

9. When an older relative pats you on the head and says ‘God bless kemm kbirt’, and you act like you don't want to vomit

10. When you meet your junior school BFF on the pole of Havana

11. When the boring friend actually shows up

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12. When it's been 45 minutes and the bus hasn't turned up

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Photo by Amadeus Cachia

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