This Is The One Politician All Labour And Nationalist Voters Would Choose

We've found a person to unite behind!


Even if Malta's 2017 snap general election has four different political parties running, it was arguably always going to mainly be an electoral battle between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Leader of the Opposition Simon Busuttil.

And while most of the country seems divided between the two, we've finally found someone we're willing to bet the entire country would leave all alliances behind and instantly vote for. And it's all thanks to Simon Muscat, a new Facebook page satirising the election season.

Say hello to our saviour, Simon Muscat

Screen Shot 2017 05 22 At 13 18 37

Part Busuttil's salt and pepper hair, part Joseph's blue-grey eyes, Simon Muscat exudes confidence and seems like the guy you'd definitely put all your trust in. Let's face it; we've finally found the perfect middle ground.

Screen Shot 2017 05 22 At 13 29 45

Of course, there will always be a couple of people who go against the majority no matter how resounding that might be. And if you're somehow not convinced by the glorious Simon Muscat, we've got you covered.

Joseph Busuttil is the man with a plan (probably)

Screen Shot 2017 05 22 At 13 18 52

These two beautiful creations were the brainchildren of a new Maltese meme page which we're definitely going to be looking out for as this short but intense election campaign pans out.

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