WATCH: Do Maltese People Even Know Where EUROPE Is?

'Europe is in....Africa?'

A new video by the Facebook page Tiny Egos has shown how easily the average Maltese person - and some politicians - can be fooled. 

The video follows a couple of hosts asking trick questions to Valletta shoppers as they go about their days. Trick questions like "Which continent is Europe in?" and infamous multiplication questions like "If you have 12 fish and six drown, how many do you have left?" (answer: fish can't drown) lead to mass confusion and hilarity.

The pranksters even run into Minister for Foreign Affairs Carmelo Abela, who fortunately knows where Europe is - but isn't so good with his maths skills. 

Tiny Egos themselves told Lovin Malta that this was the first in a series of videos, and that they were "very surprised by the answers, but it was definitely fun and looking forward to the next one testing our nation's general knowledge."

And clearly, fans online were loving it. 

Tag a friend who would get one of these questions wrong!

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Johnathan Cilia

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