'We Don't Really Give A Fuck About You': Artists Are Roasting Malta's Political Billboards Left, Right And Centre

We're one week into 2019's political campaign and no party is safe from satire

Lovin Malta Billboard Satire

It's very hard to believe it's only been five days since Malta got into full election campaign again ahead of next month's MEP and local council elections, what with all the controversies and blunders that have abounded. But it has... and satirists have been very busy.

First, it was a PN billboard spelling mistake. Then, it was the Labour Party's petty reply. And then, an even more lukewarm and petty comeback. All in the space of one week. So of course, it's very easy to see why some people have already jumped in to roast Malta's latest slew of political billboards.

Popular satirist Seb Tanti Burlò came in with a couple of versions of billboards

From comments on the environment to a witty observation on intention, Burlò's pieces covered it all, and boy where people here for them all.

Then, local doodling artist Paper Yellow came in with her own take on the matter... dragging some other billboards in the process

Because it's not just dickheads in gradients that rule Malta's landscape; don't forget all those burgers!

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As Malta's 2019 political campaign continues, expect more diverting billboards... and here's hoping the island's memesters and artists don't hold back.

What do you make of Malta's 2019 billboard battle?

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