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‘Welcome To The Jungle’: Qawra Local Shares Shocking Photos Of Rubbish Piles Allegedly Left Uncollected For ‘Over A Week’

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It’s no secret that Malta has the occasional problem with rubbish being left out on the streets. In a recent post on the popular forum The Salott, a Qawra local shared his frustration with the situation, posting a number of photos to support his complaints.

In his post, the man calls the rubbish “an inconvenience not just to tourists, but also to us residents”. In the pictures,  multiple cardboard boxes and rubbish bags can clearly be seen scattered about, some of which have been torn, spewing rubbish across the pavement. Ironically enough, one of the trash piles seems to be directly under a St. Paul’s Bay local council sign specifically targeted at littering.

In his post, the Qawra man also comments on his fellow residents, who may not have put their rubbish out at the correct time. However, he also states that some of the rubbish “has been there for over a week,” suggesting that the fault doesn’t lie entirely with them.

According to the post, the local council replied saying they would “commence their operation” on the 1st of July… a whole week from now

In response to the post, many people replied with their own opinions and stories about the situation, with the general consensus being that Qawra is not the only place to currently be suffering from this “disgusting health hazard,” as one commenter put it.

Another Facebook user responded to express the unpleasantness of hearing tourists “comment about the filth,” stating that they will not be returning to Qawra until the streets are up to standard.

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