16 #CatsOfMalta Give The Puppies A Run For Their Money

Calling all crazy cat ladies!


We've had 3 adorable compilations of puppies, but we've realised our feline friends don't get enough love. And when we asked to see more #CatsOfMalta, you guys delivered!  Here are some of our faves.

1. The daring cat

2. The helpful cat 

3. The grumpy, shaved cat

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4. The patriotic cat, eating galletti 

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5. The fat cat

6. The thirsty cat

7. The adorable twins

8. The shy cat

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9. The fisher-cat 

10. The tired, Sliema cat

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11. The cat who needs to stretch (downward dog?)

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12. ALL the sleepy cats

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BONUS: Cat Monument - because that's how much we love cats 

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Tag us in your photos or send us a Snap if you've been giving some love to cats in Malta!

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Maxine Peregin