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Award-Winning Recipe-To-Grocery App Nominated For Lovin Social Media Award Despite Not Yet Being Live 

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A new app that allows users to find recipes and order ingredients directly from the supermarket delivery service has received several nominations for this year’s Lovin Malta Social Media Awards, powered by Dragonara Casino. 

The app has been turning heads ever since it took part in Pitchora – a new start-up competition similar to Shark Tank. Grocerly placed first out of more than 40 applicants that participated in the competition. 

The app lets you select recipes from its catalogue of hundreds of chef-curated recipes and will automatically generate a list of required ingredients for each one. 

You can add the ingredients to your cart and have them delivered straight to your door. You can also buy other ingredients you may need. 

Despite not yet being released, it appears that it has already captured the public’s imagination and has received several nominations for Lovin Malta’s Social Media Awards, powered by Dragonara Casino. 

The competition’s rules prevent the app from being able to participate, but we’re sure it’ll be on the list for next year’s awards.

Voting for the awards opened on the 13th of October with six finalists to vote for in each category. You can vote for your favourite nominees by visiting Lovin Malta’s awards website

Have you submitted your Social Media Awards vote yet? 

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