11 Maltese Dogs Who Are Way Better Looking Than You

There was no competition to begin with

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After weeks of seeing nothing but politicians faces plastered everywhere, it's high time we got a little cuteness thrown at us. And how absolutely adorable are these pups?

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1. Buddy, the Miniature Daschund

2. Rocie, the Shiba Inu

3. Bailey, the Shih Tzu

4. Mr. Henry, the Boston Terrier

5. Penny, the Frenchie

6. Olive, the Pharaoh Hound

7. Snoopy, the Samoyed

8. Sydney, the King Charles Cavallie

9. Louis & Twiggy, the Frenchies

10. Nina, the Border Collie 

11. Dora, the Fox Terrier

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