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11 Things All Maltese Employers Should Offer

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We all have our own ideas about how a company should be run and what we’d do if we were boss for the day. A lot of local workplaces are really moving with the times and getting a lot more understanding of employee needs. Example: casual dress is one of the things that’s become the norm in recent years. Stats even show that it can greatly increase productivity. Hey, if it’s good enough for Google…

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice if every company introduced a few more incentives to ensure they got the best out of their work force? Here’s a few ideas that we think could really make all the difference.

1. Motivational Mondays

Mondays are tough right? Wrong! Mondays aren’t so bad if you really love what you do. After a great weekend sometimes you need a little shaking up (and several coffees) to get back into the swing of things. 

Enter Motivational Mondays. Let’s face it, who didn’t want to be part of Jordan Belfort’s team whilst watching him address his army in The Wolf Of Wall Street? Every office needs it’s own “Chest beat chant.” Chimps in shirts and strippers are optional.

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2. High Fives For Ferry Rides

As if getting to work on a boat isn’t great enough, what if every company took it upon themselves to reward their staff for doing so? These days, most businesses are mindful of their carbon footprint and love to take steps to make their businesses greener. 

So what if at the end of the week, you could trade your ferry tickets in for free coffee coupons? Result!

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3. Carpool Cashback

On a similar note – carpooling with colleagues to get to work means less cars used and therefore less carbon emissions and, wait for it, less rush hour traffic! 

But – usually it’s just one person gets landed on lift duty. So it’s only polite, and a really nice gesture, for business owners to offer the car pool captain a little something at the end of each week. Hey, petrol isn’t free!

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4. Pastizzi Fridays

On the last Friday of every month, make it your company’s tradition to put on a spread.

Pastizzi and mini sausage rolls would be ideal, but if you’re feeling fancy there are some great companies out there making fresh and delicious little sandwiches, salads and other healthier options that you can order in. Yum!

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5. Back To Work Bashes

This one’s for new mothers and fathers who’ve been away on maternity or paternity leave – show them just how glad you are to have them back by throwing them an office party on their return! 

Champagne, pizza, and Steve from Accounts on DJ duty – guaranteed job satisfaction points!

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6. Free Fruit Bowl

A healthy workforce is a strong workforce. Make it someone’s job to keep the office fruit bowl filled to the brim with a variety of colourful fruit. 

Fruits contain antioxidants and can help boost concentration and brain power! Also, something that costs next to nothing like this can be really appreciated by the team. 

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7. Thirsty Thursdays

Even the most serious staff members need to let their hair down sometimes. Going for an occasional drink at lunch or after work can really help you to get to know the team and your colleagues better. So why not offer a glass of wine and an aperitvo to your team for free once a week?

It’s a great opportunity to get ideas flowing for brainstorming meetings when you’re a bit more relaxed with each other. Who knew Mario from maintenance did such a good Freddie Portelli impression?!

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8. Public Holiday Pats-On-The-Back

We’ve got loads of public holidays in Malta, and once in a while you’re going to find yourself working whilst your friends and family are having fun splashing about at the seaside. It’s all well and good getting double pay, but if your manager really goes out of the way to let you know how appreciated you are, you’re less likely to be caught slacking and moaning to your work mates about how you “Can’t believe you’re working, xi dwejjaq.” 

Cookies, brownies, and bonus half days off on normal working days wouldn’t go unnoticed, just sayin’.

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9. Sick Leave Soup

It’s the company owner’s responsibility to get their hands on nanna’s secret recipe. Have a portion sent over to your employee when they’re not feeling right. 

Nobody likes being ill, and whatever the problem is, it’s always nice to know you haven’t been forgotten and the team can’t wait to have you  back!

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10. Super Staff Rooms

Complete with sofas, an air hockey table, puppies… you name it. Anything that helps you wind down after a busy morning is welcome. Even if your company is super corporate – resist that sterile office feeling that’s so typical of the rest of the layout. 

Bean bags, hammocks, high-benches next to windows – all great. Don’t give your staff a poky, dark room with a ‘staff room’ sign slapped on the door – unless you want them to be seriously unhappy.

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11. “You’re Late” Jar

It’s Malta, there’s traffic, there’s no parking, the buses are late – we know. It’s understandable that this is a really frustrating problem for a lot of us workers. We WANT to get to work on time but inconsistencies mean there’s often a reason why we turn up late sometimes. 

A fun and affective way of reducing lateness is by introducing a company “Late Jar”. Whenever you’re late you have to donate 2 Euros to the Thirsty Thursday Foundation Fund. Three lates in as many days and the first round of drinks is basically on you.

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