12 Things Every Maltese Company Should Know When Planning Their Digital Strategy

It's 2017, time to wise up

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Digital marketing has never been more important for businesses, both locally and internationally. Growth Gurus (who recently hit the no.1 spot on Google's worldwide search results for the importance of social media) sat down with Lovin Malta to shed some light on doing it right.

1. Set clear goals

Your digital strategy should reflect your business’s long term goals. Your website, content and social strategies should all work together to achieve these goals. Make sure you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Simply winging it, isn’t going to work.

2. Respect your brand

Your brand is your company's identity. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Make sure that your tone of voice and the content you release is in line with your brand guidelines. Your brand can evolve with your company as long as you are true to yourselves.

3. Mobile is the new desktop. Is your website mobile friendly?

82% of modern business is conducted on mobile phones, Google’s algorithm ranks sites based on mobile compatibility, so if your site isn't mobile friendly, it’s going to get a lot harder to generate new business online.


4. Optimise your website for people and for Google

Let's be honest here - everyone turns to Google for just about anything. So make sure your site is up there through intelligent Search Engine Optimisation. Growth Gurus have climbed to the very top spot when searching for 'the importance of social media' as they identified that’s what their audience is looking for.

5. Understand your audience

Why advertise a juicy rack of ribs to a vegan? Identify what your clients want and make sure you offer it to them. Segment your customers into different groups and create adverts that appeal to them. Digital marketing allows you to instantly target multiple audiences with tailor made messages.

6. Use video to bring your content to life

There's no denying that video is the number one way of getting any message across all forms of social media. It's engaging, exciting and a great way to tell your brand's story.


7. Build an adaptive social media strategy

The first step will always be choosing the platforms you want to be active on. Following that, you need to tailor the content to the audience you have on the individual platforms. Relevant content at the right time could mean the difference between a failing page or a thriving business.

8. Increase conversions with landing pages

Have you clicked on any of the hyperlinks in this article yet? Landing pages are built specifically to convert an interested client into a potential lead by signing up on a page that outlines the benefits of the service that you need.

Content Is King Marketing By Lovin Malta With Growth Gurus

9. We've said it before and we'll say it again. Content is king!

Content allows you to educate and entertain. An audience that is engaged is one that is likely to return. Creating useful content that adds value to your customers life will position you as the go-to people in your field.


10. Listen, Learn, Engage

It's important to listen to what your people are saying. If you understand your clients needs, you'll have a much happier audience. Learn from what they are saying online and engage with them when given the opportunity. We'll let you in on a little secret, Hootsuite, an incredibly efficient social media management tool. This has never been so easy!

11. Measure your results and adapt your strategy

If you're stuck on how to measure your results, ask yourself these simple questions. Which campaigns are working? What is my return on investment? How many sales will come as a result? If you're not satisfied with the results, it's time to stop throwing money down the drain and speak to Growth Gurus.

12. BONUS TIP: Bring it all together!

Our goal with this article is to use influencer marketing to give value to business owners in Malta whilst showcasing our services. We’ve done this by using Malta’s most effective content marketers in an extremely honest way. We’ve hyperlinked our specialised landing pages with tracking codes so we can understand how effective they are. This enables us to calculate our conversion rates and overall ROI. We’ve even used an affiliate link, which means we’re entitled to a small percentage of anyone signing up to Hootsuite through this blog. If you’ve engaged with this article, we know you’re interested in digital marketing and you will most likely be retargeted in the near future. We want to explain all this so that you can see the full picture and understand the capabilities of modern-day digital marketing.