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Microchips And Virus Amplifiers: 6 Bonkers Conspiracy Theories About 5G In Malta

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5G. It’s cutting-edge technology destined to change the world as we know it. While its benefits are undoubtedly far-reaching, there are some people who aren’t exactly enthusiastic about its introduction.

Despite the fact that most are unable to define what 5G actually is, a myriad of conspiracy theories have sprouted up on the internet. These theories have of course reached our little islands, with some believing some pretty elaborate and bizarre concepts.

Here are six frankly bonkers conspiracy theories about 5G.

1. The Great Microchip Plan

This is arguably the most common and ludicrous 5G conspiracy. According to some tin-foil-hat-wearers, the new technology is connected to a microchip planted in the COVID-19 vaccine which, when connected, will let reptiles disguised as government officials take over the world with mind control. Yikes.

I don’t know who first peddled this theory, but it sounds awfully like the plot of Spongebob the Movie.

Was Plankton a 5G conspirator? We will never know.

2. The Virus Superspreader

5G is being rolled out while the world battles a virus pandemic. Coincidence? Not to some people apparently.

According to one 5G conspiracy theory, not only did 5G spark the COVID-19 pandemic, but the introduction of this tech is accelerating its spread.

It sounds like some people haven’t coped too well with being cooped up inside for so long. Ironically, if we had 5G during lockdown, your endless Youtube conspiracy rabbit holes and love for Deciduti reruns would have been a whole lot smoother. Don’t diss 5G just because you’re bored, friends!

3. The ‘Charmaine Gauci Did It’

In times of crisis, humans naturally find a public figure to blame. Our poor Superintendent of Health Charmaine Gauci was accused of giving the green light to those suspicious 5G towers, the first step in the grand plan to control our minds. If this is true, let’s hope she’ll use mind control to teach people how not to litter or blow their horns incessantly (Gauci if you’re reading, this is a personal plea).

4. The Health Hazard

Besides the potential perils of mind control, some people believe that 5G has detrimental consequences on our health. A famous conspiracy claims that radiation from 5G towers can lead to diseases like cancer and even death.

In reality, we’re better off worrying about how many pastizzi we inhaled on a late night out than fake risks of 5G. Priorities, you know?!

5. The Bird Killer

Ok so, after hundreds of birds were found dead in the Netherlands back in 2018, a new conspiracy theory was birthed. Someone made a connection between the 5G trials happening in the area and the mysterious mass deaths.

This was debunked but the rumour spread in the realm of conspiracies like wildfire. It sounds like an angry hunter had a little too much time on his hands and an internet connection.

6. The Lockdown Conundrum

Nobody enjoys lockdown, but it is something that we’ve all had to do to keep each other safe. To conspiracy theorists, this was just another ploy for the world’s elite to take over our lives, by getting us out of the way while they install 5G towers. That’s an awfully elaborate, disastrous and expensive plan.

In case you need it, here’s a public service announcement on what 5G actually is.

5G means fifth-generation, meaning it’s the next step after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. It’s the most advanced technology that exponentially ups data speeds, meaning your favourite videos to watch on the toilet or that work e-mail you pretended not to see load so much faster.

In other words, 5G is great.

In Malta, Melita is at the forefront of the technology.

Look, it is natural and important to have questions about new technologies. If you’re concerned about 5G, you’ll be comforted to know that Melita’s trials back in September 2020 clearly show that we’re under 50 times under the international threshold for telecommunication emissions.

And, to further debunk any 5G conspiracies, Melita’s staff sat down to explain what the new tech is and means for the island.

If you’re wondering what all the Gs (generations) that came before 5G are, Melita’s Head of Customer Experience summed it up here nicely.


And if you’re concerned about your health, Mireille Muscat, Melita’s Head of Marketing, breaks down all your concerns will put your mind at rest.

Melita’s tests, which are all available online, have shown that the emissions caused by 5G frequencies are absolutely minimal.




From medicinal uses, more efficient transport and business opportunities, 5G is coming and it’s going to revolutionize our lives and Melita is leading the way. So, keep this article handy the next time a friend casually mentioned 5G mind control at dinner.

Do you know any other 5G conspiracy?

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Sam is an over-caffeinated artist fighting for a cooler and freer world, one article, song or impromptu protest at a time. Hit her up with thought-provoking ideas or dreams at [email protected] or @princess.wonderful on Instagram.
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