6 Maltese Artists Chosen To Capture The Art Of Averna

Only 70 bottles of limited edition Averna Don Salvatore available in Malta

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Six Maltese artists were chosen to capture the Art of Averna in a campaign to promote the worldwide special edition release of Don Salvatore, an original recipe limited to only 1,868 bottles worldwide.

Young artists Nadine Noko, Glenn Ellul, Gulja Holland, Rebecca Bonaci and Alia Pavia & Andreas Azzopardi, were commissioned to produce an artwork in their style entitled The Art of Averna.

The rich story of Averna dates back to the year 1868, when Don Salvatore Averna, a successful textile merchant from Sicily, produced the first Amaro Averna for his household guests.

The secret recipe of this herbal, alcoholic elixir was given to Don Salvatore by Frà Girolamo, a Benedictine friar, some years earlier.

A forgotten barrel of Amaro Averna crafted in its antique recipe with 34% abv and laid for 21 months in oak has now been unveiled, with only 1,868 individually numbered bottles available internationally.

Glenn Ellul

Glenn Ellul is a Malta-born artist, illustrator and designer known for his signature style of detailed surreal illustrations. He divides his time between working as a designer and working on his own illustration projects. 

Averna Glenn

Ġulja Holland

Ġulja Holland is an emerging artist notable for her versatile and experimental style. Her work is largely figurative and often explores themes which reflect the intersections of identity and social culture. Having recently graduated from Leeds College of Art, with Honors, Ġulja currently lives in Malta where she continue to participate in both local and international exhibitions.

Gulja Averna

Andreas Azzopardi & Alisa Pavia

Partners Andreas Azzopardi and Alisa Pavia combined their talents to produce one artwork together. Alisa began her career with portrait drawings but her illustrations have now evolved into a digital format. Alisa still uses pencil on paper for her initial sketches which help with the creativity process remarkably. She then digitalises the sketch and develops the concept further. Andreas Azzopardi is one of Malta's big rising talents in the art and advertising scene, currently working at Blonde And Giant.

Alisa Andreas

Nadine Noko

Nadine Noko's work is bold, minimalistic and combines illustration and typography with a keen eye for detail. She likes, Dolly Parton, Eileen Montesin, candy floss, strawberry jam, kannoli. She dislikes Vampires, 'Baby on Board' stickers, crocs. 


Rebecca Bonaci 

Rebecca Bonaci is a tattooist and artist based in Malta. She graduated in B.A Hons in Fine Art in 2013 and later undertook a tattoo course which lead her to open her own shop. Rebecca mainly focuses on drawing and line work but enjoys working on various other projects such as customizing helmets and motorcycle tanks. 

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The campaign also incorporates Lovin Malta's favourite medium: Gifs, showing how the artists created their works.

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