6 Of The Best Christmas Smells In Malta

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

Christmas Smells

Everybody's Christmas looks different. Some people have huge Christmas trees and crazy house decorations, some people prefer a more low-key approach. One thing that doesn't change from household to household is the smell of Christmas. The aroma of the festive season provides our air universally, bringing unparalled joy to each and every Maltese person once a year.

This particular year, it gets even better. We've matched our favourite Maltese Christmas smells with a new range of scented candles from Glade that really kick Christmas up a notch. 

Here goes.

1.  The smell of Nanna's house at Christmas

There's nothing quite as heart-warming as spending some quality time with your nanna during the holidays. You just love the fact that she's always saved you a peppermint sweet, and the smell of her cranberry Turkey stuffing is to die for. 

Glade Candle match:

Bright Delight Candle – a lively scent of peppermint and cranberry 


2. The lingering scent of mandolini on your fingers

The staple Christmas fruit also happens to be the most sweet-smelling. Paired with some walnuts, there's nothing more satisfying than snacking on these yuletide treats once Christmas day has past and you're stationed in front of L-Istrina.

Glade Candle match:

Timeless Joy Candle – a sweet aroma of mandarin


3. The smell of your mum's winter home

Everyone goes that extra mile in Christmas to make their home look and feel beautiful – but the smell of your mum's home is unparalleled this time of year. As you snuggle up in bed with your hot chocolate, you're instantly transported back to your childhood days. The fresh linen is even more fragrant than usual thanks to the crispness in the air.

Glade Candle match:

Sparkling Wonder –  with notes of elderflower and white rose.


4. The aroma of Christmas desserts preparation

The coconut balls you make every year for the office at Christmas always leave a lovely scent in your kitchen. Even if Sarah from accounts always tries to one-up you with her home-made imqaret.

Glade Candle match:

Enchanting Dreams  – a joyous scent of chocolate and coconut.


5. The distinct smell of Mulled Wine

At every Christmas dinner party or event you'll go to in Malta.

Glade Candle match:

Cheerful Spirits  – a spicy cinnamon and nutmeg scent. 


6. The Maltese countryside in winter

In December when the air is a little bit damper in Malta, the leaves and fallen fruits take on a completely different smell compared to a couple of months earlier. As you breathe in the air from your morning walk, you can instantly tell Christmas is coming.

Glade Candle match:

Relaxing Zen  – a meditative scent of fruits and leafy greens.