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6 Reasons Maltese People And Buffets Are A Match Made In Heaven

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It’s the event the entire family has been looking forward to… and dreading. The family will be meeting for Sunday lunch, and all the żijiet will be there. Feel your energy drop as you answer the same questions on how school is going and your (non-existent) love life.

But then wait for it; the ten course meal that you’re about to take on. Challenge accepted.

We Maltese are suckers for buffets; its insane amount of food, with insane amount of variety. And here’s why we keep going back for more, no matter how much we feel we’ve put on.

1. There’s no need for small talk

You arrive at the table, sit down, and then you’re up and walking away from your seat seconds later. Goodbye family, goodbye people you don’t actually want to talk to. Your plate is in your hand and you’ve spotted the salami and marinated shellfish. You power walk to the buffet-table, you do not pass go, and you do not collect 100.

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2. There’s good food that you don’t normally get at home

At every buffet, there is food that you don’t understand but it looks so damn good. Your mouth is watering at the sight of the savory cones filled with pulled pork, the roasted beef chuck roll, and the carrot and coconut soup. But perhaps we’ll give the bebuxx a pass.

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3. It’s even more exciting if you’ve got kids

Because if they don’t want the pasta that you’re trying to get to get them to eat, they can have anything else. Anyone who’s a parent can understand what a relief this is. Give them a Scooby pizza, fish fingers or chicken nuggets and glug down that free flowing wine as you do it. And those buffets that come with a kids play area are even better.

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4. There’s something for everyone

If you’ve ever had to decide where to eat with friends (and we all have) you’d no that it’s no easy task. There’s Luca who can’t eat gluten, Fran who feels like pizza, and Julia who’s vegan. And now it’s 2pm and everyone’s still hungry.

So a buffet is the perfect solution. Vegetarian, crazed meat-lovers, and those with hardcore sweet tooth are all satisfied by the buffet table. And you’ve still for friends.

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5. And, usually, free flowing drinks also

What’s good food without good drinks? When buffets are not only adequately priced, but that price also includes beverages such as flowing wine, beer, soft drinks, and hot beverages, we just can’t say no to them.

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6. We live for the feeling of being well-fed

The meal is over, you’re sure you’ve gained five kilos in the day’s eating frenzy, and you’ve finished the last round of espressos and grappas. The atmosphere around the table has subdued, and you’re so satisfied by the food that you can tolerate your family now.

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On the way out, you can reserve a table for next week’s Sunday family lunch at Solana Hotel.

Solana is a recently-refurbished hotel in Mellieha, and holds Sunday buffet lunches at the Bellini. The hotel’s main eatery has a kids area adjacent to it (families with kids, take note), and the all these all-inclusive Sunday lunches include branded soft drinks in the price.

Take a look at Solana’s website to view their good selection of food and book a table for you and your family this Sunday. And for each paying adult, one child aged 3-12 eats for free. For the chance to spend your entire weekend going for passiġġatas around Mellieħa, book a weekend break at Solana Hotel as well.

Tag a family member for the chance to win a family meal for four at the next Solana Lavish Sundays Buffet


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