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5 Reasons Waterproof Makeup Is Essential In Malta

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We all know that being a makeup lover in Malta comes with its fair share of challenges. But regardless of whether you love to get dolled up, or you only do it out of necessity, one thing is certain. There’s no point in wearing makeup in Malta if it’s not waterproof. Here are five reasons why.

1. You will be invited to a spontaneous swim

Any time between April and October is open season for random swimming invites, and you don’t want to end up coming up from your refreshing dip with mascara running down your cheeks.


2. The sweat is far too real

An island blessed with near-constant sun is both a blessing and a curse. For those who don’t want to see half their makeup sliding down their face after a simple walk across the street – waterproof cosmetics are everything.


3. You’ll be invited to so many weddings

Are you over the age of 20? Then prepare for a never-ending onslought of wedding invites (we’re talking a minimum of five a year). 

And you’ll probably end up crying off your mascara at most of them… be it from overwhelming emotions or pain in your shoes. 


4. Humidity levels are sky high

If you’ve lived here long enough you’ll know that the humidity can sometimes feel like you’re walking through an endless spray of water, which of course works wonders for your carefully groomed self.


5. You’re bound to bump into someone you know at the gym

So if you want to look your best in front of anyone from a long-lost friend to an ex, you need to be able to face them without rivers of sweaty makeup running down your face.

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But the worst part of wearing waterproof makeup, is removing it. How many times have you rubbed your eyes sore trying to wipe away your mascara?

This could be you:

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Well, NIVEA’s Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover is the product for you. Part of their cat range, this no fuss make-up remover effectively removes even waterproof mascara and make-up without any rubbing. Protects eyelashes and does not leave any greasy residue.


Tag and WIN:

Tag a friend who loves make-up and you could win a bottle of the Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover for both you and your friend. 10 winners will be chosen at random. Get ready for a summer of beautiful skin.

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