6 Types Of Christmas Parties In Malta Everyone Knows All Too Well

From the quietest and most conservative to the wildest and most impromptu


Christmastime in Malta only means one thing; parties! OK, so it also means a whole lot of food, but we all know those two things go hand in hand on our island.

And while some features are beautifully constant and work like clockwork, others are very particular to the specific parties.

From quiet gatherings to unforgettable nights, here are the six types of Christmas parties in Malta.

1. The formal dinner with a million people you don't know

Let's face it; we've all been to one.

Whether you're part of a massive corporate company or got invited as the guest of a pained employee of one, we've all had to sit through a fancy dinner divided into a dozen tables, each with a dozen people on them, most of whom you've literally never seen before.

Get those second helpings at the buffet table and be ready to use your finest small talk to see you through the evening.

2. The "just one drink" after-work event that quickly turns wild

It always happens.

You'll agree to join the group because they promise this time will be different, but it's not. It's never different.

One cocktail quickly becomes two thanks to Happy Hour; and by the fifth pair of cocktails, you're looking at shots, trays, pitchers... and one awkward dance-off that'll haunt you right up to next year's Christmas party.

3. The annual family catch-up with relatives you never meet

Sure, Christmas is as good a time as any to enjoy some quality time with your favourite relatives, but it's also a time to brings you closer to your... other relatives.

You know the ones: the family members that you literally only meet every single year, like clockwork, for the Christmas event. They'll ask you a question that would only make sense a whole year ago, inquiring on whether you "found someone" or whether you're still looking for a job.

I actually found a job, liked it for a couple of months, and am already looking for the next opportunity, thanks.

But hey, nothing beats the food!

4. The last-minute office celebration

After no one took the initiative to organise something last year, you swore that you'll take the mantle up yourself. But surprise surprise: it's 20th December and no one has anything mind.

One of you runs off to buy a few dozen double chocolate cupcakes and a cheap set of fairy-lights from the nearest bazaar, throws them across the table, and an impromptu party quickly follows.

Hey, better than nothing, right?

5. The insanely-planned party with a schedule

Some people don't do impromptu, some people would rather die than do impromptu - we're looking at you Type As.

Over a month before its even acceptable to start blaring out Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You, these organisers will send you a full schedule of the whole day, including a dress-code and a passive-aggressive call for punctuality.

Just smile and go with it... and don't forget to follow the 20934 rules.

6. The left-field random activity

For some people, dinner or a couple of drinks just won't do it.

Laser tag? Paintball? Karaoke? Go-karting? Ghost hunting?

Get ready for just about anything, and hope to God you'll be able to roll with it.

Still wondering how to go about planning your Christmas party for 2018?

Stand-up receptions with menus catering for hundreds of people might be your thing, but you might also want to party in style without any consequences. In that case, you can check some great accommodation packages, and stay safe off the roads after a few Christmas cocktails. You can wake up to a whole morning of much deserved pampering at Pearl Spas.

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Whether you're planning on celebrating Christmas with a lavish dinner with a loved one, a family get-together, or a work reception for up to 600 people, db Hotels and Resorts have everything you need.

Tag someone who's been to one of these Christmas parties before... and someone who needs to plan this year's!

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