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7 Dumbest Ways Maltese People Have Broken Their Phones

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The mobile phone has become a necessity of modern-day life. Most of us can’t go a minute without checking our news feed, posting on Twitter or scrolling through our Instagram… humanity literally can not function without it.

But the metaphorical weight it carries doesn’t stop some of us from absolutely wrecking them from time to time and in some incredibly bizarre and WTF? ways.

Whether it’s dropping it or soaking it, here are seven ways Maltese people tend to break their phones… and you’re probably going to recognise some of them.

1. One too many drinks and you’ve dropped it in a Paceville toilet

We’ve all been there. Out on a bender at Paceville with our phone in the back pocket when we decide to go for our fifth loo break of the evening and forget it’s completely there. Pants go down and so does your phone but it’s too late to do anything and you can see it lying at  the bottom of the toilet while you decide whether you’re going to go in for the plunge or not… eww.

2. It somehow ended up in the washing machine

Maltese mums will know about this one. The number of times you find items in jean pockets when you’re about to do a wash despite telling everyone to check first before putting them in the laundry bin. But sometimes it’s too late and the only way you know you’ve messed up is when you see your phone doing rounds in the washing machine. Great…

3. You threw it while watching a scary movie

A mobile phone has also become a TV screen among many other things and we’re all addicted to watching offline movies on the Netflix app. As great as it may be, it also leads to a lot of dropped phones when a scary movie is put on.

4. You dropped it while enjoying a nice, relaxing bath

Phones in water have to be the number one reason why they break and chances of it slipping out of your hand while enjoying a hot, steamy bath is more than likely.

5. It overheats in the scorching summer sun

You’re out getting a tan at Għajn Tuffieħa when you accidentally doze off with your phone by your side. You wake up 30 minutes later and the rays of the scorching sun have led to it overheating. Sometimes hiding it from the sun works, but other times it’s just kaput.

6. It gets soaked in Kinnie at the dinner table

If you’re clumsy like me then you’ve spilled a drink while having dinner before. The aftermath is a sea of liquid and your phone swimming in it.

7. You let your child play with it

Back in the day, we used to give pacifiers to children, now we give them phones. They’ll chew, suck, break and smash it until one day they’re old enough to be glued to its screen… the perfect infant pleaser… I guess?

If any of these seven points resonate with you then at least know that you’re not alone. We’ve all broken our phones in bizarre ways but thankfully Mosta’s JFixit has the expertise to take it from broken to brand new, no matter how disastrous you think it may be.

In fact, they pretty much fix any electronic devices.

From laptops to tablets and everything in between, JFixit offers services for all your techy problems and with them, it isn’t just a matter of fixing but also ensuring that it works to the best of its ability.

Their services go further than physical damage and they even know how to sort out your WiFi, Bluetooth and sound problems amongst many other things…

With JFixit, if it’s broken… it’s not a problem!

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