7 Easy Weight Loss Hacks

Cause we know you're 'too busy' for gym...

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As summer's heat rolls in, the annual "why don't these shorts fit anymore" panic comes with it. A well-balanced diet and a good training regime are the best solutions to lose weight, but sometimes you just wanna drop a kilo or two without that whole 'effort' thing. Here are seven super simple ways you could reduce your calorie intake.

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1. Stick to your sleep schedule 

This doesn't necessarily mean sleeping more or less, just being consistent. A study showed that people who shift their bed time by just one hour consumed an extra 200 calories the following day. That's almost like eating an extra pastizz, just cause you overslept!

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2. Hydrate

Are you really hungry, or are you actually just thirsty? A study in the journal Physiology & Behavior suggests people inappropriately respond to thirst over 60 percent of the time by eating instead of drinking. And in a country so blessed with heat, dehydration is a problem that's all too real!

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3. Eat with chopsticks

According to researchers at the University of Southern California, making the switch will disturb your eating pattern, making you more mindful. You don't necessarily have to suffer with the wooden buggers, you can mix things up by simply eating in a different part of the house or couch.

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4. Hide your snacks

Hide your favourite goodies in hard-to-reach and hidden places. Even if you get cravings, the likelihood of your lazy side allowing you to grab a step stool and reach deep in the cupboard just to eat a chocolate is highly unlikely. On the flip side, put your healthier snacks in easily accessible locations to encourage your yourself to grab them instinctually .

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5. Simple swaps

Swap your full fat milk for semi-skimmed. Order a veggie burger instead of a beef patty. Try zoodles instead of regular pasta, and make green tea your go-to drink. Small changes can make a big difference.


6. Shrink your plate 

The brain is a scary thing. If you have the same amount of food on a smaller plate, you'll feel full faster. That means you're less likely to get up for a second plate of nanna's delicious lasagna (well, maybe not that, no one can resist nanna's lasagna).

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7. Take your own music to the supermarket.

According to a study by Ronald Milliman, slow, background music reduces turnover of clients in supermarkets. you could cut almost 30% of extra food in your cart if you play your own music that helps you stay pumped and focused.

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