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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On This New Maltese Booking App

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Finding a proper business to suit your needs is a proper A+ hassle. Between the hours you spend online researching, the waiting times on your phone, and the countless messages you send your friends’ way, we’re getting anxiety just typing this out.

Thankfully, we live in a day and age when social networks aren’t the only place to make your life easier. And if you need to discover any sort of service on the island, there’s an app specifically for that.

Say hello to MyHurryApp

My Hurry App

The new best way to find services all over Malta, MyHurryApp wants to revolutionise just about every business sector on the island.

In between the app’s super accessible user interface and all the options that help people get straight to the business they need, MyHurryApp is definitely the place to be for you and your business. If you’re still looking for a reason to join though, here are seven.

1. Business-customer relationships are about to get tight AF

MyHurryApp is here to build a bridge between businesses and their customers in an innovative manner.

With this slick new app, customers can send you requests for free in order to get all the information they need about your services.

2. Say goodbye to that social media dependency

This one definitely goes both ways.

While consumers will no longer need to stay browsing labyrinthian directories or social media to ask for requests and find your business, businesses will also stop needed to be glued to social media requests to know if their services are needed.

MyHurryApp is different from social media, where you would have to stay following posts on particular groups to see what your appointment schedule is going to look like. Without any effort, if the business’ service is needed, a real-time notification would be sent to the business, instantly earning you a potential client which you can easily accept by simply swiping to the left.

3. Get the word out there

Ideal for start-ups, freelancers and even established businesses, if it’s exposure you’re looking for, this is the right platform for you. MyHurryApp takes care of the ins and outs of promoting your business, saving you from all your hassles.

With packages starting from €29.99 every six months, you can choose a package which will free you from the headaches. Every business account is also a customer account, and Gold and Platinum packages will let you register more than one business.

4. Promote yourself through the right channels

Depending on which MyHurryApp package you choose, you will be able to promote special offers.

Oh, and you know those migraine-inducing last minutes cancellations you get? Fret not dear friend; you’ll be able to fill those up in no time.

MyHurryApp customers also have the option to send out a group request to all the businesses in a particular category, making it a great place to find potential customers and build future bonds.

5. You’ll never forget another appointment

MyHurryApp will be your new notification centre. You can synch the app’s calendar to your phone calendar, to make sure that you keep up with your busy schedule. If you book an appointment through the app, it will automatically get listed on your calendar.

It will also remind both consumers and businesses two hours prior to their upcoming appointments. You’ll never have to walk up to a closed restaurant or shop, or show up when the business is unavailable.

6. You can totally feel like royalty with their membership schemes

MyHurryApp is offering a membership card to whoever registers with them.

This card will give you some cool benefits and points; you can get extra bonus points by making people sign up to the app itself, increasing your chance to win stuff.

7. They are giving the first three months free to ALL businesses

As from now, the first three months will be free for any businesses who register their service onto the app. These businesses will be able to benefit with the BRONZE package completely free.

Don’t worry if you’ve already registered your business, you haven’t missed the boat. Those businesses who have already registered can also get three months free upon renewal of their BRONZE package too.

Do you know anyone who needs this app? Tag them in the comments below!

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