7 Reasons You Need To Visit The St. Julian's Festa This Weekend

Go on, you can't really get anywhere else anyway because all the roads are blocked

St Julians Feast

Everyone loves a good festa, but with so many to choose from, where do you even begin? Well, start simple and see which feasts are lined up for the weekend. This week it's the feast of St. Julian's, and boy are you in for a treat!

Here's why:

1. Il-Marċ ta' Filgħodu is always fun to be a part of

2. Watching the Gostra is hilarious

What's not to love about people scrambling up, and slipping off a greased pole and belly-flopping into the sea?

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3. There will be doughnuts

And if you want some dinner before dessert St. Julian's is packed with bistros, bars, burger joints and more. It's a food lover's haven.


4. Their patron saint is pretty badass

He's actually the patron saint of hunters. Who knew?

Patron Saint

5. And their fireworks are back

Even though last year's festa was firework-free, this year there will see a small display returning. They were previously eliminated because of lack of funds, and this year's display is running on the strength of enthusiasts' donations. 


6. Everyone you know is going to be there

It's possibly one of the most fashionable of all the islands' festi, complete with awesome day parties like this one and loads of others. Just type in 'San Ġiljan Festa' into your Facebook search bar and you're sorted. 

Mass Of People

7. And if you don't go, you will feel like you've missed out

Feature photo: edma23