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7 Things That Are Bound To Happen At Your First Summer BBQ In Malta

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Summer is so close we can practically smell it. And do you know what it smells like? Sun cream, citronella, and burnt sausages. Coincidentally those are also the smells that characterise every typical Maltese BBQ, of which you will certainly attend plenty of this summer. And you might even host one or two. And that’s when things start to get a bit stressful.

Here are seven defining moments for a host of any summer BBQ held in Malta.

1. Someone will turn up in stilettos and ruin your newly installed clip-in decking

But you smile and say its okay, because it’s only 4pm and you’re trying your best to remain calm.

2. The first two bottles of wine will disappear before everyone arrives

But it’s ok, because everyone at the BBQ got a bottle with them. So you have enough wine left to last at least an other hour or two. And someone will probably drop red wine on your new (white) outdoor chairs, which is never nice.

3. You’ll realise no-one knows how to use the BBQ

Because you have a nice new one, but are useless with fire. And food. And cooking in general. So switching the barbecue on becomes a team effort, as people stare longingly at the pile of raw sausages waiting to jump onto the grill.

4. The ice will finish and everyone has to settle for luke warm beers

So you panic text the only person who hasn’t arrived yet to see if they can bring some.

5. As the sun begins to set, the mozzies appear

And everyone frantically lights the citronella candles and whips out the mosquito spray in an attempt to avoid becoming the one person that all the mozzies will prey on for the rest of the night.

6. At least one person will get a bit more than tipsy

The wine’s gone and we’ve turned to the liquor cabinet because we can’t socialise without some alcohol. But there will always be that one person who missed the ‘chill BBQ’ memo and is passed out on your mega-comfy hammock before all the food is gone.

7. You’ll be desperately waiting for everyone to leave as you melt into your favourite deck chair

Because you love your friends, but hosting a BBQ is tough work. And your deck chair is just so damn comfortable that you could fall asleep right there.

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