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7 Things You Can Do In Malta To Quit Smoking

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It seems like week in, week out, someone you know tries to quit smoking cigarettes. That person may even be you – setting out with lofty goals and ambitions, only for them to crash down in a crushed packet of Marlboro Reds 36 hours later.

Quitting smoking isn’t the easiest thing around, but a few tips and tricks can be seriously helpful as you try to kick the habit. Some may even help you make it all the way.

Here are seven things you can do to (finally) quit smoking.

1. Get rid of anything that reminds you of cigarettes.

We’re talking everything – ashtrays, lighters, t-shirts with a funny smoking logo on it, your Pulp Fiction DVDs, maybe a friend or two… you need to get rid of that familiarity you’ve bred with cigarettes if you truly want to put them behind you.

You’ll probably need to clean out your home as well, including washing any clothes or carpets that smell like smoke. Don’t forget to wash the dog while you’re at it.

2. And you’ll need to avoid triggers like alcohol or partying.

It’s no secret that when someone is drunk or under the influence they’re more likely to go for that smoke. Lots of people also pair the two, eventually finding it’s become a habit to light up when they drink.
Find what your triggers are and replace them. Usually have a coffee and cigarette in the morning? Switch to tea. Enjoy a cigarette after a meal? Start chewing gum when you’ve finished dessert from now on.

3. Time to get physical.

Exercise has the double benefit of actually being good for you while helping you stave of cravings.
Just by being active, you’ll be able to curb some of those pangs for smoke – and we don’t mean hardcore MMA, but even a nice walk with a friend or dog or heading up and down the stairs a few times can make all the difference.

4. And make sure you reward yourself for sticking to the programme.

Made it three days without smoking a cigarette? Give yourself a small reward, you deserve it. And keep this up for regular milestones for a while.
Having something to work towards and look forward to can be a great motivator – just make sure the reward will also help bring you closer to your goal and not become another bad habit.

5. Turn to your loved ones when you need help.

Relying on a close family member, partner or friend to help support you when you begin to buckle can be a lifesaver.
These people love you for a reason – and they’ll be able to provide the safe and trusted encouragement you need every time you want a cigarette break.

6. Have a real reason to quit.

Unless you truly want it, you’ll be back to smoking cigarettes in no time, so having your own reason to stay motivated can be one of the best support systems around.

Not sure why you should quit? It may be to stop your skin from looking so old, to stop breathing second hand smoke on your loved ones and colleagues, or because you don’t want to die from lung cancer.

7. Try nicotine replacement therapy.

Nicotine replacement therapy is fast becoming one of the main ways to kick your nicotine habit to the curb, and one new company in Malta is set to offer an entire range of safe alternatives to users of all kinds of nicotine and tobacco products.

Sweden’s OrangeMan have developed their own patented cigarette and vape substitutes called Nicotine Sticks and Nicotine Inhalers, and they’ve just landed in Malta.

These two devices are unique due to their VAVE-technology, allowing users to enjoy nicotine through inhalation without harmful smoke and combustion. With roots in Sweden, where things like snus are popular, it’s no wonder the brand has even developed items like tobacco-free Swedish Snus.

They’ve got quite the range of products for you to choose from too, including favourites like cinnamon and menthol. 

Young and creative, OrangeMan are offering high-quality products for the conscious user who expects nothing less but a premium nicotine experience. And with their range of powerful flavours, this may be the best option for you to finally get rid of that cigarette packet and begin a new chapter in life.


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Find out more about this new way of living and check out what the full range consists of by following this link.

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