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7 Times You Felt Like A Superstar In Malta

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We’ve all seen at least one superstar out and about in our lives before. They look like they’re just hovering all over the place, getting all the awesome preferential treatment we can only dream about. But what we tend to forget are those tiny moments when even we feel like a star in Malta.

Here are seven situations many have found themselves in before that really make you feel like a proper superstar.

1. When the parker lets you drive into a carpark without asking you to pay

Sure, it usually only costs you the random couple of coins you find lying around in the car, but if you manage to get out of having to pay even that, you better get your coolest sunglasses out to walk away as cool as possible.

The parker might’ve flashed an understanding smile and a dismissive nod just because he didn’t feel like walking all the way over to your car, but for all you know, he recognised just how much of a superstar you really are.

2. When your blow dry lasts for more than an hour

“Heqq riħ isfel hi!”

We’ve heard it far too many times, but when the stars align and the winds blow just the right way, not even Hollywood’s best hairdressers can equal your glorious weave.

3. When you don’t have enough spare change for a pastizz but you’re allowed to pay less for it

“Uwijja mur, kun imbierek”

No, dear sir, you be blessed. And thanks so much for recognising me as the superstar I am. Because I obviously don’t have time for spare change. You know how it is.

4. When someone leaves the door open for you to walk in

Ladies first, gentlemen before, superstars way before everyone.

It’s another one of those things that people don’t really mean much while doing, but look us in the eye and tell us you don’t instantly feel like the most important person in the room when this happens.

5. When you wash your car and it doesn’t rain for two days straight

Malta famously enjoys around 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, one of the highest in Europe. But somehow, it feels like it always rains minutes after you wash your car.

As winter continues to close in and bouts of heavy rainfall become even more common, washing your car ends up being the gamble of the ages.

And if you wash your car and it still hasn’t rained a couple of days later, you’re going to feel like a godly superstar.

6. When you call Customer Care and they refer to you as Sir or Madam

There’s something about people being really formal with us that instantly makes us feel more important.

It is, after all, the whole point with things like Customer Care, but we’re all quick to forget that they do this with every other client anyway.

You might even find yourself changing your voice to sound a bit more regal. Effortless.

7. When your car is the last to board the Gozo Ferry

Mental calculations and momentary bouts of panic are part and parcel of boarding the Gozo Ferry, especially over busy weekends like carnival and Santa Marija.

But when you’re afraid you won’t make it, sure you won’t even, only to be called to board the ferry as the final car, you’ll start expecting your own police motorcade to follow you.

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