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7 Ways Student Life In Malta Would Change Without Exams

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Exams: no-one wants them, no-one likes them, and they are just a little bit outdated. Grading a student’s level can be done in easier and more accurate ways – and, anyway, who wants to sit in a room for more than two hours answering questions?

Student life without any examinations may seem like a dream, but it’s a reality that hundreds of Maltese and foreign students get to enjoy at Domain Academy in Mosta. They offer a totally different education system that will get you to your degree, awarded by a top British University, while letting you live your life as you please.

1. Bye-bye anxiety

Say goodbye to butterflies in the stomach and feeling nervous before an exam – you’ll never be walking into an examination hall again.

2. And no need to worry about cramming last second again

You won’t need to try and learn a million pages the night before an exam – Domain Academy’s system means you can study in a better, much more efficient way.

3. You will never have to experience the panicky walk to exams again

You’ll be too busy chilling at home, working in your own way.

4. Nor sit in a room full of sweaty, scared people

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

5. And you don’t have to deal with the smartasses as soon as you exit the examination

No-one cares that you are sure the answer to question 37 was (c), Nigel.

6. You can study when you want, according to your schedule

Life is purrr-fect with Domain Academy.

7. Best of all, you’ll be getting even better results

Get ready to pass with flying colours now that you can study when you want with a flexible schedule at Domain Academy. Be the best student you can be – when you want, as you want.

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