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7 Ways To Deal With Being Stuck In Traffic In Malta

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We’ve all been there before; whether you’re on your way to work in the morning or heading back home after a long day, you’re going to end up in at least a couple of traffic jams around Malta. 

Having said that, here are seven things which should help you deal with being stuck in traffic in Malta.

1. Download your favourite album and perfect your karaoke skills 

You’re probably going to end up listening to the whole thing a couple of times anyway, so roll the window up and get ready to sing your heart out. Don’t be scared to also bust some moves while you’re at it.

2. Play a game (or invent one while you’re at it)

There’s a long list of games you can play while stuck in traffic, and they vary from the classic Yellow Car and I Spy (which would really benefit from having a passenger or two in the car), to some newer variations. You can even invent your own while you’re at it, like counting how many silver Toyota Vitz you see in a day.

Alternatively, if you’re stuck in traffic with a couple of people—especially if you’re on a bus—consider a cheeky round of #QuackCocrane, our inside-gag driving game.

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3. Try to guess what different number plates’ initials stand for

Most Maltese number plates have randomly-generated combinations of three letters, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to guess what the hidden intention behind them was. Trust us; you’ll quickly start appreciating cars with number plates starting with BTH when you realise the drivers are going round Malta with an abbreviation for Bassa Tinten Ħafna.

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4. Take the time to plan the rest of your day

If you’re just going to be sitting alone with your thoughts for quite some time in the beginning or towards the end of your day, it might be a great idea to make the most of this opportunity to plan the rest of your day.

And voilà – your road rage gets to instantly turn into a peaceful couple of minutes of organising your life.

5. Make up stories for the people stuck in traffic with you

Traffic doesn’t have to be a solitary thing, and if you’re surrounded by loads of people in a traffic jam, it can get to super fun to make up stories for everyone around you. 

Is that really a mother going back home after dropping her kids off at school, or is she a Russian spy trying to blend in?

6. Break into an impromptu musical number

If it’s a particularly horrible traffic jam which doesn’t seem to be moving anytime soon, consider starting a fully-fledged, impromptu sing-and-dance number straight out of La La Land. 

7. Listen to 89.7 Bay to keep up to date with all the latest hits

Sure, singing along to you favourite songs over and over again is fine but you might want to instead check out the latest hits from the world’s biggest artists on 89.7 Bay. And if that’s the case, then crank up your radio to Malta’s number one station.

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