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7 Ways To Tell You’re In The Wrong Job In Malta

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You may feel comfortable working in a job you know well, but if you’re not excited to go to work every day then your career definitely has room for improvement.

If you’re not sure where you stand on the whole thing, take a look at these indicators. If this is your reality, then we suggest it may be time to consider a career change.

1. You’re not greeted by a delicious smoothie as soon as you walk in the office

If your morning doesn’t start with a healthy breakfast then how are you expected to be productive all the way up until lunch? And quite frankly, how many of us have time to be clocking up our 5-a-day before we leave the house?

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2. And you have to prepare your own lunch

An in-house chef that prepares different meals every day sounds a lot more appetising than slaving over a stove to prepare your own meals the night before… how barbaric. 


3. You’re forced to exercise late, after work

There’s nothing harder than finding the will to leave your office and drag your lazy ass to the gym. If you don’t have in-office gym classes, maybe it’s time to reconsider.


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4. Your team-building doesn’t involve an actual fleet for a summer boat party

Did you have some cocktails and a few canapes after work to schmooze with your colleagues? That’s sweet, but only a day out of the office on an army of music filled sailing boats is really going to win you those bragging rights. #notbadforamonday 

Ships Awe

Why is all the rum gone?

5. You’re not challenged to think creatively 

If you’re not excited to go into work and challenge yourself to do bigger and better things each day, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your career development. OK, it can’t all be Mad Men, but at least you know you will be rewarded for your hard work with training and development opportunities, and perhaps even a bonus.

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6. You’re not drowning in a sea of International talent 

They say knowing a different language helps you know another side of yourself. An international workforce will help you get a new perspective on so many things… plus you’ll soon become a pro at impersonating accents.


7. You’re not chilling in state-of-the-art offices

Your office environment makes a huge difference. If your work space has less real estate than your pet rabbit then your day is going to be less than productive. People spend so long doing up their homes, why shouldn’t you have fun in the space you spend most of your day? And nothing says inspiration like a sea view.

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