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8 Reasons Fashionable Sneakers Are A Maltese Style Essential

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A timeless addition to wardrobes worldwide, the sneaker has recently shot to even more fame than it already boasted. Back in Malta, sneakers can be as fabulous as an outfit addition as they are vital.

Here are eight reasons why fashionable sneakers a Maltese style essential.

1. They’re perfect for walking anywhere in Malta

If there’s one thing Malta’s roads are famous for being apart from bumpy, it’s hilly. The island’s climate is the perfect excuse to take up walking as both a hobby and an alternative means of getting to work, something which everyday traffic only pushes further. 

Pair that with a comfortable pair of shoes, and you’re sorted.

2. Clubbing will never be the same again

From pre-drinking to hitting the dance floor, standing on your feet is the one true constant of a night out. What you need, therefore, is the assurance that you’ll be comfortable while still looking fabulous. 

3. Colour-coding your outfit just got way easier

If you’ve been meaning to match the exact same hue of your outfit with a pair of shoes, you know how tough it can get when you throw in all the possible styles and materials into the mix. 

A simple black or white sneaker is not just the easier way out; in most cases, it’s surprisingly also the most fabulous. 

Enter a fashionable pair of sneakers from ALDO. You’re welcome.

4. Every wardrobe needs a couple of sneakers

Although this one’s a no-brainer, it goes an extra mile in 2017. 

All the latest trends are still heavily including sneakers in their rotation, which means whatever style you’re currently into is probably going to be begging for a sneaker to complete the look.

5. You’ll be ready for whatever the day throws at you

One of the best thing about sneakers is how adaptable they are. 

You can never know what a long day is going to require you to do, from a quick jog to work because you got stuck in traffic to a clumsy romp around puddles from the latest spell of rain. 

And when that happens, you’re going to be glad you went out in sneakers.

6. You don’t have to rely on your shoes for dressing up or down

And yes; this one applies for both men and women. 

Whether it’s a pair of dress shoes, some killer high heels, or rubbery flip flops, shoes tend to directly dictate the formality of the whole outfit, making their use highly restricted and restrictive. 

Pairing sneakers with a shirt and jean combo, on the other hand, leaves the rest of the outfit enough breathing space to show off the level of formality you need. Wear that same pair of sneakers with shorts and a t-shirt, and you’ve got an entirely different-feeling outfit.


7. It’s a genderless shoe for everyone

This is one of those things which you’ll realise just how big of a deal it is exactly when the need arises. Sneakers are not just a great option whatever the age, but also the gender, and that effortlessly unisex characteristic is what makes them such a great choice no matter who you are. 

8. They’re guaranteed to not punish you just for wearing them

By far the biggest benefit of sneakers, and an amalgamation of all the above points. 

Sure, an easier way of colour-coding your outfit and a less restricted style is all well and good, but the biggest takeaway of wearing a comfortable (and fashionable) pair of sneakers is how great you’ll feel at the end of the day. 

And that goes beyond being able to comfortably walk to work or dance the night away becomes an essential part of everyday life. 

Tag a sneakerhead, and someone who still needs to buy a pair of sneakers!

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