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8 Ways Your Night Gets Better On This Maltese Disco Bus

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Following the news that Malta Public Transport would be offering a shuttle service to and from Uno Village and Gianpula, the Lovin Malta team tried out the service ahead of a night out. This is what we learned while riding the brand new Disco Bus.

1. You don’t have to stress about parking at the event

Whenever there’s a big party everyone always has the same dilemma, show up hella early and feel awkward but actually find parking, or show up Maltese-on-time and suffer the endless driving hoping to find a space. 

2. You can drink as much as you want

Within reason of course, you’re gonna want to remember your night, but without the fear of being marked as the designated driver you already know you’re in for a good night.

3. You can catch up with all your internal gossip before the party

Has Sarah been cheating on her boyfriend? Did Bettina finally get the promotion she was hoping for? Get your weekly catchup in while you sit back and enjoy not having to drive to the party.

4. And you can post-mortem the night in peace

Did your date ditch? Did they turn out to be your future spouse. You and your friends can pick apart every detail of the night and have a good laugh over all the spoiled drinks and random hookups on your Disco Bus ride back home.

5. You can wear whatever you want

No more worrying about losing a heel to the mud or ruining your new kicks – the Disco Bus drops you right outside the venue.

6. It’s super affordable

Not that there’s a price on your life, but you really can’t complain about a €3 price tag to get you to your venue.

7. It’s safe AF

Every bus has a security guard on it, so you’re guaranteed to be well taken care of. The security-is-to-passengers ratio is way higher than that of any club.

8. You can work on your group number

Plan your entrance perfectly and work on your group dance moves to the Disco Bus’ music while you travel to the party in style.

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