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9 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About MCAST

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Ever since it was launched back in 2001, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) has gone from strength to strength and is today the country’s leading vocational and training institution. 

With 20 years’ experience in the sector, MCAST offers students not only excellent academic training but also unparalleled practical experience which is becoming all the more necessary in the modern-day world. 

While many are familiar with MCAST and what it does, there’s so much more to find out – here’s a list of nine fun facts about the college that you may, or may not, know. 

1. MCAST is Malta’s top industry partner

Vocational education refers to all those skills specifically required to work in a particular sector or to carry out a particular type of trade. 

Unlike other forms of learning, vocational education takes a mostly hands-on, practical approach, ensuring that students have actually handled the equipment or techniques they need to use on the job before applying.

2. You can work and study at the college

Doing practical work is essential for one to gain experience in whatever field they are studying, but gaining first-hand experience within the industry is even better. 

Most graduates entering the working world will tell you that there tends to be quite a big difference between what one learns on paper and how it is actually implemented in the real world. At MCAST students are sent on real apprenticeships, allowing them to get a feel for the job, and ensuring you can enter the working world confidently after graduating. 

3. You can earn money while completing your course.

All apprenticeships obtained through MCAST are paid, meaning students are compensated for the effort they put in and the value they generate. 

It also means that you’re held to a similar standard to the rest of the company’s employees, which is great for gaining experience. 

What’s more is that this won’t mean you have to forgo your stipend – not bad at all. 

4. You’ll spend less time sitting in the classroom

If you’re the type of person who struggles with concentrating during long lectures, you should be looking into what MCAST has to offer. 

The hands-on nature of programmes means that time spent in the classroom is limited. Think of it as less listening and more doing. 

5. They also focus on skills for life

MCAST equips its students with educational
skills, industrial skills and more importantly life skills such as; critical thinking and communication skills.

We all know that academics are important but it is even more important to know how to use the things you learn effectively. 

6. You have 190 courses to choose from

As if you needed any more reasons to take a look at what MCAST has to offer, it’s worth noting that the college has several unique courses students can follow which they won’t find offered at any other education institution on the island. 

From applied sciences and engineering technologies to the creative arts or community service and also business and ICT, MCAST offers a broad range of subjects spanning multiple different sectors. 

You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice pursuing a course at MCAST.   

7. Teachers practise what they teach

Their lecturers are great at teaching and are equally great at doing!

All of MCAST’s lecturers practice within their respective industry, adding more weight to any advice or guidance they give students. 

8. Your success will be more than just exam results

One of the main criticisms of traditional educational institutions is that they base success mainly on exam results. 

While this suits some students, it has been shown to penalise others. Especially those who are less able to cope with exam stress, or who struggle remembering vast amounts of information despite showing an aptitude for the subject being learned. 

9. You are the priority

What makes MCAST a cut above the rest is their approach to teaching. The dedicated teaching and administrative staff regularly help students reach their full potential though their guidance and mentorship. 

The college’s student-first approach gives everyone a chance of succeeding, irrespective of their qualifications. 

In fact, those without any qualifications whatsoever can enrol in a lower level course and work your way up to a degree, a Masters and even a PhD level. Literally anyone can do it!

Whether you are looking to start a new course, develop a skill you already have or just take your education to the next level, MCAST may be the educational institution you are looking for – check out what they have to offer by following this link.

Are you ready to start the next exciting chapter in your life? Let us know in the comments below which course you’d love to study!

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