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9 Things Maltese People Should Leave Behind In 2017

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We’ve all heard about how short life is, how we should seize the day, never look back, etc. But living in Malta means that life isn’t just short, it can also be familiar, repetitive and stifling. 

There are so many great things about living on an island within a relatively small community, but it also brings about habits and patterns that can be more easily escaped via the anonymity of living somewhere, well… bigger. Here’s a bunch of things that plague Maltese society, and why they should disappear in 2018.

1. Social media pressure

Free yourself from the trappings of trying to live up to social media standards in Malta. Ditch the selfies and focus on your actual self. 

2. Toxic relationships

No matter how long you’ve known her/him, whether they’ve been in your klikka for years, or if your families adore one another. If they treat you like shit, it’s time to move on. 

3. Bad habits

Seriously – drunk driving, smoking, hanging on to age-old grudges? They are totally things to let go of in 2018.

4. Procrastination

Whether it’s at work, or putting off telling your nanna that you’re a lesbian. Stop, and do it now. 

5. Self doubt

As a nation, we sure do like to second guess ourselves. Make it a point to approach everything you take on with a ‘can do’ attitude, instead of a ‘here’s a mile long list of reasons why I can’t do…’ one. 

6. Self pity

Make it another point to stop lamenting the various ways you’ve been wronged. Specifically: ditch the vague “why does this always happen to me” Facebook statuses. You could be spending your time and energy more usefully.

7. Comfort zones

You don’t need to visit Rome for the seventeenth time – there’s a handful of continents waiting to be explored. Take on the world in 2018! (Just don’t do it without travel insurance).

8. Apathy

Whether it’s political, social, environmental, or what have you – let 2018 be the year you ditch the ‘uwiva‘ attitude. It’s time we stop thinking of problems as only ever being someone else’s. 

9. Regret

In a place as small as Malta, it’s hard to let go of your past. It sometimes feels like it’s hiding around every badly-paved corner. But as the Maltese saying goes – li kien kien, li kieku kieku. Time to start living in the present.

BONUS: Security – create it!

Life is truly short, so make sure to live it and love it as hard as you possibly can. That means giving yourself the security you need to be able to relax and enjoy your life in the now – Laferla Insurance is a quick and easy way to do this. The rest is just an adventure waiting to happen. #WatchOut2018

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