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9 Ways Maltese People Can Push Their Limits This Year

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Skydiving, travelling alone, learning a new language, being brave in 2019 seems unrealistic at first, nerve-wracking at second, but completely doable at third. The possibility of not giving a crap and going for the things that make life worth living is totally reachable in Malta.

And if you want to make this the year you take things up a notch, here are nine things you can do to really kick 2019 in the ass.

1. Jump off a cliff

Leap off the side of a cliff as you zipline across a bay, or suspend yourself on the side of a rock and abseil by Malta’s shore. If gravity isn’t for you, then reverse it and rock climb back up that rock to then use that ledge to leap off and paraglide.

One deep breath in; this can so be you.

2. Take it even further and go skydiving

You can head on over to the cousin island Sicily and give yourself the experience of a lifetime.

Skydiving is such a thrilling, beautiful, insane thing to do that it’s certainly one for the bucket list; there’s nothing that’s more liberating than flying.

3. Work up a serious sweat and take part in The Grid

Team up with another three friends and have a very good laugh together while pushing your limits.

We know that some of you, like ourselves, aren’t tip-top athletes (if you are then you go, you), so taking part in something so physically challenging and rewarding will certainly be a highlight of your 2019.

4. Go against the trend and make a style statement

We’re so done with caring about the trend.

The second decade of this century has been about owning it – and we literally mean owning it – when it comes to what you wear. Be yourself, be free, be whatever you want. Just wear it and look like a king or queen.

5. Learn Chinese

Okay maybe not Chinese.

But go learn a language, people! With mobile apps, YouTube videos and podcasts that you can download and listen to while you’re driving your car, on the bus, or cooking dinner.

It’s never been easier to teach yourself a new skill and give yourself the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds while you do it.

6. And while you’re learning that new language, travel to the country by yourself

Flights have never been more affordable, and nowadays you could pay less for a trip abroad than you do on a night out.

So once you’ve owned that new language that you’ve been learning (because, of course, you’re following this list), head to that country and show off your new skills.

7. Be an activist and publicly stand up for a cause

The one thing Maltese people don’t do enough is get out into the streets and scream. But there’s so much to be passionate about; the environment, gender equality, animal rights, clean seas… and those are just off the top of heads.

Go for it and go to the beach and take part in a clean up, head to a public talk on a topic you care about and raise your opinion, think up a slogan and go protest for a talk (ideally do not protest alone).

You’ve got knowledge and opinions, and you’ve got a voice. There’s nothing that’s stopping you from using them.

8. Go skinny dipping

Why not?

There’s no other reason to this other than it’s pretty damn fun.

9. Sign up to a boxing class

There’s a point in everyone’s life when they need to learn how to throw a good uppercut, and this year seems like the year to do it.

You might not become the next Muhammed Ali, but it’s still worth a try.

BONUS: Just do that thing you want to do

This list is biased to all the things that have been on our list for years. If there’s something out there that gets your hair standing on end go out and do it. There’s will nothing more satisfying than the feeling of achieving something you thought you couldn’t (and posting that Instagram post that you’ve done it).

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So, if you let yourself go, there’s literally nothing that can restrict you this year.

Tag a friend to conquer 2019 with!

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