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90s Party Trends In Malta That Are Making A Huge Comeback

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Trends from decades past always have a tendency to make a return every once in a while, and the 90s are currently all the rage in Malta and beyond.

Everybody is hosting 90s-themed parties, and even those that aren’t technically 90s-themed are still full of trends that all parties from the 90s had. And with our island currently in the middle of this huge nostalgic revival, here are nine party trends that have come back with a vengeance.

Rolling up in jeans and trainers

Ditch the fancy dress shirts and high heels and replace them with your mom jeans and trainers. The 90s was all about comfy-casual and we’re down for that.

Karaoking to Britney and Justin

There’s nothing better than standing around in a circle with your friends and singing all the 90s hits at the top of your lungs.

Chuck in some Spice Girls and N’Sync while you’re at it, and we’re good for the rest of the night.

Eating all the sweets

Tables full of sour gummies and a cake covered in marzipan? Load me up!

Having a dance off

Time to show everyone that you can still bust out that high school gym choreo from the ‘Hit me Baby One More Time’ music video.

Retro games

Time to bust out the Twister and Playstaion 1 and invite your friends to a good old games night.

House parties

No need for expensive venues… your house is the new hot hang out spot!

Betty Crocker cakes

Specifically their Rainbow Chip Party Cake, Betty Crocker has just made a grand comeback!

This rainbow chip cake was all the rage back in the 90s, and Betty Crocker has just gone and brought it back with a 00s twist.

You can add that final touch of realism to your 90s-themed birthday party with this yummy vanilla cake full of colourful rainbow chips. So what are you waiting for; let the nostalgic times roll!

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